Morning. Sleep well? I thought I’d start the day gently with a milky decaf and a little insight into my new office space, sharing a little corner of it with you. Over the past few days in between trips to the supermarket and hunting for nurseries for our son (a whole different ballgame here) I’ve managed to pick my way through the boxes and slowly unpack my office. I’ll say it again. My office. You have no idea how good it feels to say that, given that I’d gone from having a corner of a room in our two-up-two down, to working on the sofa/dining table once our son was born. I planned entire weddings that way and it wasn’t conducive to anything remotely organised…although I did it. Now I have an entire room. I can fill it with whatever I want. I can swing the cat if I feel like it (and I wouldn’t really) but it is such a creatively liberating experience to finally be here.

I discovered this beautiful old bureau in our local charity shop a few years ago and, although it was partly my sewing cupboard, it was also needed to store some very ugly DVDs for some time, so being able to lovingly display all my fabrics, linens and sewing paraphernalia is just really exciting. I’m rediscovering things I forgot I had be it from past shoots, projects or events and I treasure them even more now.

The flip-side to up sizing a home is that you suddenly discover how much furniture you lack-slightly frustrating when you have all this “stuff” you had stored in the loft for years needing a home but nowhere as yet to put it! So, I’m only sharing this small corner of my space with you today because if I took any shots behind me you’d see a mess…so give me some time and I’ll post a full reveal.

As an impatient person I’m not too practised at waiting but I’m enjoying relaxing into the space and letting it reveal itself, how I use it and thus how I choose to decorate it. I’m going to live with it for a little while and carry on adding to my Pinterest board for inspiration until I feel ready. I’m pretty sure that crisp white will be the order of the day on the walls though, with colour brought in with accessories, perhaps a little rug?

My next project will be to revamp my boring pine desk -thanks to everyone who voted on the colour on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll reveal the winner in a DIY as soon as I can get out in some dry weather and get started!

Hope you enjoyed exploring this morning. What’s your creative space like?.

6 Comments on A Small Office Tour – Just A Little Corner

  1. How I’d love my own room/office/workspace! This is fab! Love the old sewing machine and all the small details. That shop in Whitstable must be one of the most photographed places in this country (I’ve taken pics of it myself) 🙂 Look forward to seeing more of your house. Have a lovely day xo

  2. Inspiring, I love the different colour fabrics and ribbons you have.
    My fabrics and sawing stuff are in a yellow flexible bucket and the sawing machine is sat next to it in a corner with my pink blanket over the top keeping it all covered.

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