I got some freakin’ fantastic news from my friend in Holland last week. Get this-HEMA are opening two stores in London. Two stores!!!! Although I’m still unsure of an exact launch date, word on the street is they’re planning to open 8 but test out the market here in the UK first with one based in Kingston and another in the Victoria area. Am I excited much? Yes, yes and yes, because now I can bring me home some Dutch style without having to lug it back in a suitcase!

If you’ve ever been to Holland or Germany, then chances are you’ll have come across HEMA on your shopping travels. Full of european style and a cross between Ikea and Wilkinsons (that’s a British brand for my non UK readers) they offer home ware, fashion, crafts and food at affordable prices-they’re a value brand but they’re by no means cheap, if you know what I mean.

To celebrate the news, I’ve done a little online shopping and picked out my HEMA spring favourites for quick and easy ideas for a home refresh.

Hema Spring Favourites


|1| Mint green garden chair |2| Blue stool |3| Mint, yellow & grey cushion |4| Blush pink cushion |5| Mint & white brushed graphic cushion |6| Pouf |7| Narrow neck vase |8| Green vase |9| Vietnamese basket


Mint is showing no signs of ducking out just yet and why should it-it’s the ideal colour for spring and summer and works with so many other colour combinations. I picked out that amazing garden chair but quite frankly I’d happily have that in my office with a couple of cushions for good measure.

As a habit I tend to shy away from pink, I think it used to have a rather dirty reputation for being a little on the tacky side, but it’s enjoying a revival now and suddenly it’s grown up and out of little girls bedrooms. I’m even toying with the idea of using it with coral tones in our bedroom. Maybe…

Coloured glass is an ideal way to experiment with colour if you’re a little shy to try-the tinted glass vases would compliment any cut blooms.

Oh-and I need to talk about this basket. Baskets are my new obsession, I love the texture and my new “thing” is to display potted plants in them. I see this yellow one is a bag but you could easily pop a plate in the bottom of it to avoid water damage and put a statement plant (like a monstera or fiddle leaf fig) inside. Gorgeous.

Are you a HEMA fan too? Does your place still need a spring clean? The weekend’s on it’s way, so maybe now is a good time to do a little shopping, too!

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