In my second instalment of my ‘An Artful Style’ series I’ve teamed up with, with whom as a tastemaker I host my Curate & Display boutique, to share a few of my favourite pieces from my ‘Artful Walls’ collection. In a bid to encourage myself to purchase more art for our oh-so-naked walls, I put together a collection I’m really proud of, highlighting my love of expressive, abstract art and muted graphic prints. It’s a little Jekyll and Hyde but at the same time, they work so well together. Artful Walls Prints

/1/ ‘Everything All At Once | Belinda Marshall  /2/ ‘Isla’ | Patricia Vargas  /3/ ‘Frost’ | Belinda Marshall  /4/ ‘Melina’ | Patricia Vargas

We saw in our second year of renting in April, still with blank walls staring back at us. Think I got so used to enjoying the beautiful white walls that I didn’t think to put anything up. But that has to change because renting doesn’t need to mean bare walls. In fact, if anything, the art you have on the walls should be what makes it feel more like a home. So I picked out the pieces that I feel would work well as part of a gallery wall or as a solo feature. I’d find it hard to stick with just one style-I love Belinda Marshall’s frenetic, vibrant paintings in the same way that I love the quiet, organically organised shapes that Britt Castellano creates in her prints.

Greatly Graphic Print Walls


/1/ ‘Ink’d Mint’ | Sketch .Inc /2/ ‘Let Go’ | Jaime Derringer /3/ ‘Overlapping Circles’ | Britt Castellano /4/ ‘Arrows’ | Sandra Reichl

In my bid to “move in properly” I’ve spent the last fortnight painting my workspace with a fresh lick of crisp white, my desk has had a make-over and I’ve got a couple new prints from my own boutique waiting to go up. There’s still nothing in here as I type but now is the time it all starts to come together. Can’t wait to share it with you in a few weeks time!

You can make the most of Free Shipping until September 2nd when you shop the Artful Walls collection and find something new for your own walls. Tell me, which is your favourite?

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