The past week has been so hectic (it’s birthday month in our house right now-3 of us within two weeks) that I’ve been wishing myself back inside the quiet sanctuary of the botanical gardens in Munich. My last post of my blogger’s tour of Munich before I talk about “the book” (squeee!) I had to share this botanical wonderland with you. Really, I had only one must-do plan while we were here for our short stay-visit the gardens. Hilariously, it took four of us bloggers a whole hour to try and figure the public transport system from the centre of the city before throwing in the towel and calling a cab. Yes, I’m sure there’s a “how many bloggers..?” joke in there somewhere. Anyhow, after our morning styling session, I arrived with Jeska and Kimberly, a little frazzled but focused on losing ourselves inside the hot houses for some time. I won’t waffle on for too long now, because the photos really do speak for themselves. The sheer scale of everything, the quality of light my camera just couldn’t capture. Some of the oldest cacti we have ever seen. Everywhere so lush and green, only spurring me on to fill our home up with more large scale plants, and maybe even try a fiddle leaf fig (I couldn’t fit the one here in frame enough, it just didn’t do the size of it justice). Please, please visit.

Have yourselves a good week…












 Photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley

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