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Xylo – Furniture With A Story

Today's post is so much more than just good-looking decor (sounds like something Derek Zoolander would say...) It's a post full of heart, giving you a sense that home is not just where you hang your... Read more

An Exclusive Pre-Launch West Elm Tour

Apologies for the mysterious disappearance-the past ten days have been a horrid fog of broken 25 year old boilers leading to no heating or hot water (thanks to our tight fisted landlord) followed by... Read more

How To Get The Measure Of Your Kitchen

For me, the heart of our home is shared equally between the living space and kitchen, in fact, I'd be inclined to say that I spend more time in the kitchen (entirely willingly I might add!) than... Read more

Anthropologie Christmas 2013 Preview

Shhhhhh! I know it's only mid October but Christmas is fast approaching (I won't mention how many weeks are left because quite frankly, I find it too scary to think about) BUT just look at what I... Read more

Bringing Holland Home – Decor the Dutch Way

The past week has been utterly insane. In a good way. I'm actually still rather gobsmacked (unusual for me). On Thursday 19th, under the influence of a full moon, we welcomed our new baby daughter,... Read more

The Jolly Studio Tour

I'm extremely excited to share this gorgeous post with you this morning, very kindly submitted by my wonderful transatlantic friends Tom and Laura of creative illustration company Jolly... Read more

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