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mahabis | Slippers For Kids

mahabis kids slippers with an outdoor indoor sole and sheeps wool inside.

When creators of the most stylish slipper known to man hinted about a kids collection at their launch last year, I was excited to say the least. Kids slippers are a bit of a bane to be honest,... Read more

A Place To Stay / Hotel Alexandra Barcelona

Superior room inside the Alexandra Doubletree Hilton hotel in the Eixample district of Barcelona

Barcelona and all it's magic seems like a world away now, so I can't wait to relive the Sunny Design Days tour again with you, kicking off with the place we called home for three days - the... Read more

Thoughts + Tips | Every Day Slow Living


I honestly feel like a complete hypocrite for writing this post as an advocate of Slow Living, when life has been anything but slow of late. I've been so wrapped up in to-do lists, the day to day... Read more

Still Life Study in Soft Pink

Still life, off-white ceramic wobble bowls and blushing garlic

It's not often I get to play with still life compositions at home in my free time - mostly it's very focused under pressure for work so it was really freeing to just mess about - off-the-cuff... Read more

A Nina+Co Coffee Break


With busy work schedules between us and daily family life buzzing away we've both learned to grab the odd coffee break together during the week. Sometimes it's stood in the kitchen having a quick... Read more

A Minimal Minute / Finding Minimalism

'A Minimal Minute' blog series about minimal living

Well, if I've done nothing else this week, it's introduce new series and I'm really excited about this one, 'A Minimal Minute', as I've started it in collaboration with my good friend Ilaria... Read more

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