Although my wedding planning days are behind me, it would be impossible for me to leave it completely behind. I ran my wedding planning business, Grant-Riley Weddings for almost seven years and made some wonderful friends along the way, one of whom is wedding blogger Annabel Beeforth, the founder of top UK wedding blog Love My Dress. Following its recent rebrand I’ve come onboard as ‘DIY and creative features contributor’ which I’m absolutely over the moon about-a chance to create more beautiful DIYs to inspire brides with none of the stress that comes with shouldering the planning!

Kiss Kiss Wedding Chair Banner DIY TiffGrantRiley

For my first feature, I decided to focus on styling chair backs as they’re usually a real bug-bear amongst brides when they’re deciding how best to style their wedding. A lot of venues still use rather outdated conference chairs or at least choose a style with upholstery that’s difficult to compliment anything other than white. Red is a real pain. So, I thought that as an alternative to chair covers, I’d look at ways to draw attention anyway from the chair itself and onto the decor instead. Yes, I used a classic bentwood to demonstrate, but come on, it’s my job to inspire and aspire too. I shot this series of three DIY tutorials at home amongst the chaos of my two small children, the nursery runs and everything in between, but you’d never tell, right?

Paper Garland Chair Back Wedding DIY TiffGrantRiley

I’ve really fallen in love with crepe paper since I started my West Elm paper flower workshop, it’s such a versatile material to use and these dipped garlands add a pop of colour to any space. They’d look awesome made longer as a backdrop too.

I couldn’t not work with fresh flowers, for a start it’s the best season for huge, heady and romantic blooms. Isn’t that frothy peony just something else?

Floral Hoop Wedding Chair Back DIY TiffGrantRiley

All my tutorials are easy to follow, some take a little more effort than others but I think they’re worth it. To try them out yourself and to view the full DIY tutorials on Love My Dress, click on the links below:

Kiss Kiss Wedding Chair Banner

Dipped Crepe Paper Chair Garland

Pretty Floral Hoop Chair Back 

Tell me what do you think of them and if you get round to making your own, send me a photo, I’d love to see!


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