British Made tableware blush and neutral ceramics by designer Hend Krichen

I make no apologies if it’s looking like this blog is turning into a celebration of British ceramics right now. Because you need to see these. And because in my line of work, they’re some of the most important pieces to invest in – wouldn’t I love to add these to my collection!

I recently discovered the work of London based, Tunisian born designer Hend Krichen who, inspired by the blending of her cultural heritage and Bauhaus shapes has just launched the British Made tableware collection.

Manufactured here in the UK at the birthplace of the British ceramics industry, Stoke-on-Trent, the collection is cast produced using raw, natural materials and left unglazed on the outer surfaces to reflect their true texture. As a designer, Krichen feels she has an obligation to contribute towards the revival of the British craft industry, and I couldn’t agree with her more.

British Made tableware collection in neutral tones by designer Hend Krichen

With soft blush ceramics enjoying the limelight in the world of interior trends right now, Krichen draws from her Tunisian heritage with a contemporary edge, bringing in copper metallics from her Tunisia Made range of metal topped vases. These create a beautiful partnership in combination with her tableware, designed as a mix and match collection for simple, laid back entertaining.

“It visually illustrates a harmony between the pink blush terracotta and the ever so trendy copper detail, perfectly married to reflect a melange between the old and the new, traditional and modern.”

British Made tableware unglazed ceramic collection in neutral tones by designer Hend Krichen

Tea Cups British Made Tableware Ceramics Collection Blush Neutral Tones

I just can’t get enough of those restful tones, can you?

Photography © Hend Krichen 

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