I’m taking more of a less-chat-more-visual tact today seeing as it’s Friday and I wanted to share with you some snaps from my drop-in workshop I held at West Elm London a couple of weekends ago. With a hectic week in the run up spent cutting templates, petals and stamens I thought I might actually drown under a mountain of crepe, but I couldn’t wait to see what my “students” would pull out of the bag…

Paper cuttings

Armed with my kit full of beautiful paper and all the necessary accoutrements I spent a relaxed day teaching a fantastic group of mostly women (bar Hugh the barista who was rather gifted with his paper skills) the basics of crafting and creating flowers. We worked with a stock of sculptural florist’s crepe and the slightly more delicate doublette paper which gives a beautiful, real look. Excuse the photos-they’re all straight off my iPhone with no editing but the bright lighting in the store made the colours pop, and I liked that!

At The Table

So, with a cup of coffee in hand, we set to work stretching, twisting, binding, fringing and cupping our papers, working them to life in an explosion of gorgeous colour. You could also paint your petals or add in a smattering of glitter…

paper flower workshop1

paper flower workshop6

Even the most timid of participants found their confidence and, with a little practice had the basics down in no time and everyone went home with something they’d made themselves. I hope they were inspired to go out and make some of their own later on too!

Flower Workshop2

paper flower workshop12

Paper Flowers Duo

paper flower workshop2 Paper Flower Duo2

paper flower workshop13

Thank you to everyone who took the time to learn something new and show their support, especially Jeska Herne at Lobster & Swan (and my star pupil, her good friend Judith!) Julieta Lucca, a few very good friends and…my mum who came to surprise me-see what she made in the photo above.

Oh, and the team at West Elm of course-you are the perfect hosts, as always!

I’m thinking of running another one a little later in the year-I have plenty of left over paper! Do you think you’d like to come along if I did?.

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  1. And you Jeska, it’d been a while eh? Hope the hand is well on its way to recovery and can’t wait to see what you make! xx

  2. You were hardcore Julieta-you stayed nearly all day and wouldn’t let the “gather and wrap” phase you. Would love to see you again at another workshop! x

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