Six White Dining Tables

I’ve been looking for a new dining table for the longest time. The need is real. Something in white and pale wood that suits the home we have now; our current one is an extendable vintage piece, once restored by my father in-law and well loved, but it’s time to move on now. It’s almost jarring to look at, with too much dark wood in our dining space (and no beautiful white floors to speak of) so it all needs a lift. I’d been toying with the build-your-own IKEA trestles and baltic-ply option for a while, but felt that it wasn’t permanent enough and I’d be worrying about spaghetti sauce staining the plywood top. Those are real issues. Having a surface with a clean, white top is ideal to shoot down onto when I’m working on a project at home, a lot of the time I end up using boards if I need a blank canvas which serves a purpose to an extent but does have its limitations. And everything looks better on white. Seriously. Of course, in typical me style, everything I fall in love with is what they refer to in editorial as “an investment piece” so I’m biding my time a little until I’m in a position to commit.

To make my search a little easier and to give you a little food for thought if you’re going down the same road, I’ve picked six of the best kinda-white dining tables (because they’re not completely. Not ready for that yet). I’ve been making eyes at the Raft Table Na2 by &Tradition for so long now – I mean look at it-the trestle shape in the legs, the white laminate top (easy to care for with two messy children) powder coated steel and oak legs just scream “take me home!” It’s no surprise that something this beautiful came from the geniuses behind NORM Architects. You beauties.

Which one is doing it for you? 

| 1 | MF0702 | House Doctor DK
| 2 | Skovby Olso SM11 Extending Table | Barker And Stonehouse
| 3 | Muuto Adaptable Dining Table | Nest
| 4 | Hay Loop Stand Table | Nest
| 5 | &Tradition Raft Table Na2 | OCCA Home
| 6 | Switch Table ‘Mid’ | rForm at Clippings.Com

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