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I know talking about the weather is one thing us Brits know how to do well, so I’m not sorry but please excuse me while I say my GOD that was the LONGEST winter we’ve had in a long time. Wow. And then this week, Spring broke in all its glory. I spent the last few afternoons digging out wider borders in the garden, planting banana trees and kicking about in my Birkenstocks (how I missed them so).

So in celebration of ditching all those layers, in celebration of the longer days, brighter afternoons and sun-kissed evenings, I’m beginning a new series to accompany your slower days. Music is a big deal in our house. My husband is a musician, my father’s side has a long legacy of some pretty pivotal Caribbean music, I’m a very rusty violinist and I used to sing Jazz and Blues before my self-awareness got the better of me. These days, I confine the vocals to the house, but it’s a real release for me. The house is never quiet, just how I like it.

Anyway – here’s Slow Sounds No.1 – a playlist for Spring. A mix of contemporary jazz, soul and a touch of folk to listen to as the garden starts to wake up again. I hope you enjoy my carefully selected picks and that I’ve introduced you to a few new secrets of mine…


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