Hello stranger. Been gone a minute, enjoying some time away from the online world to just “be” in the moment with family a little while before school hits in September. I’m starting to get back into the swing again though and feeling rejuvenated, so figured I ought to get up some of the shots I took from our break in Marciac before summer runs away from us-it has been a whole two months since our stay after all. For ten whole days, we shacked up with my in-laws at their beautifully renovated farmhouse, all lovingly restored by my clearly bonkers father in-law Bob (the builder). Yes, he did all of it on his own.


We took our days pretty slowly, despite every part of me wanting to go faster, do more, see more. Hilariously it took for us to come home before I finally realised I needed to slow down. Typical. We enjoyed the little day to day things that we take for granted at home but relish when we’re away, like walking to the bakery for a couple of loaves for lunch (and boy did we get through a lot of bread!) or sitting on the square with a coffee, watching the locals go about their day.

I realised after we got back that I actually didn’t get any photos of the house, but made time during the evenings to go out and get lost with my camera during the golden hour before sun down. I wandered off from the main square which has a history dating back to the 13th Century, down the maze of narrow residential lanes and alleys and found some gems with Rob who came along for company once the kids were in bed. Snooping is much more fun when you can do it with someone else.

Marciac Midi Pyrenees South of France Rustic Blue Door

I love to shoot details, textures, inklings of colour, suggestions of the lived-in, so that’s what I took away with me from Marciac. And if you saw how much that soft pink/terracotta/coral was coming through on my Instagram, I think it’s safe to say that blue was the colour connection with my DSLR.


It seems that The Gers has its own micro-climate, nestled amongst the rolling hills that lead to the Pyrenean mountains, it boasts clean air and land here is lush and fertile – it’s no wonder they call it the French Tuscany. Everything really grows here. Of course, I was instantly taken with this mini forest of thick bamboo at the bottom of our lane and the waving fans of palm that punctuated the deep blue skies on every other corner.






Marciac is very much a seasonal town for the tourists who, for the most part, flock to experience the huge Jazz Festival here for a couple of weeks in July and stay on over the summer months. And then they leave and things settle down into a normal rhythm again. I kicked myself that we missed it this year, mainly because I stumbled upon this incredible art gallery/restaurant, Riad St Jean. As if the exterior wasn’t enough to sell it to you, the inside is all the sweeter- the raw and open space of a former barn. Renovated by architect Jean-Christophe Leconte, it comes alive during the festival with a combination of food, art and live jazz. Maybe next time…





Photography © Tiffany Grant-Riley

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    • It’s a beautiful area to spend time in Mary, every little village and town looks like a film set. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xx

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