Expormim rattan furniture Lapala chair

Spanish Design | Expormim Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture will always spark childhood memories for me – the smooth, tactile curves and gentle creak as you sit into it. Somewhere in the back of mind there’s an old dining set made from it, or maybe it was a lounge chair. Yes, in fact I remember a large round seat my step-father had […] Read more…

The Designcentre de Winkelhaak, an innovative hub for designers and entrepreneurs with its own Belgian Essentials design shop.

Travel Antwerp | Images From Designcentre de Winkelhaak

It’s often said that the best design comes from the need to solve a problem, to improve an existing way of life. The Designcentre de Winkelhaak, located a stone’s throw from the Antwerp city train station has proved itself to be just that. The Designcentre is in part a social project, created from the need […] Read more…

How to make a Kokedama hanging plant moss ball

How To Make A Kokedama Hanging Garden

Almost this time last year I was shooting this tutorial piece for the book ‘Urban Jungle – Living & Styling with Plants’ and today I wanted to show you how to make a Kokedama (meaning “moss ball”) hanging garden. Not only do they make a stunning feature of an otherwise blank corner of a room, […] Read more…

gallery Valerie Traan, Valerie Objects exhibition in Antwerp

Travel Antwerp | Valerie Objects at Gallery Valerie Traan

It is impossible to imagine what’s behind the large double width door of gallery Valerie Traan, one of the locations we visited during our Function+Form design tour of Antwerp. This white, modernist gallery space is also the private home of art director Veerle Wenes who wanted to live in the same place that she worked, […] Read more…

Handprinted textile studio Marina Mill based in Kent

Handprinted Textiles from a Victorian Riverside Mill

Sometimes you can walk past a building you love for years without the slightest clue as to what’s inside it, but you always wonder, right? Well, the mystery of one my favourite warehouse buildings was debunked last year when I discovered through sheer coincidence that it was home to family run handprinted textiles company, Marina […] Read more…

grey blue kids room inspiration

Grey-Blue Kids Room Inspiration

Lately I just can’t get enough of grey-blue. I’ve noticed for months now that this colour has been jumping out at me everywhere – I can pick out the tiniest glint of it at 100 paces! I find it really soothing and love how versatile it is against bright and muted colours alike. Have you […] Read more…

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