Urban Jungle Book review - Urban Jungle - Living and Styling with Plants

From time to time I’ll review a book here that I think will be something you yourselves would love to own, either as thing of beauty for the coffee table (I still don’t own one yet by the way) or as a useful resource for your own home.

It goes without saying that I’m a little more invested in this one than most as it’s written by two good friends of mine. Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaff are fellow bloggers and founders of the Urban Jungle Bloggers community which they started in 2013 having discovered a mutual love of plants. Their community has grown immensely since then, proving that plants are beneficial to our emotional well-being as well as enhancing our homes visually. Earlier this spring I shot a few spaces within our home for this very book and I’m really proud to see them here amongst such a lovely group of plant lovers.

Living and styling with plants Urban Jungle Bloggers book

A very striking Calathea © Line Stuetzer

This urban jungle book, titled ‘Urban Jungle – Living and Styling with Plants’ is a joyous celebration of indoor gardening. Whether you’re new to botanicals or more experienced, this book is a friendly and informative way to immerse yourself.

Urban Jungle Book review - Urban Jungle - Living and Styling with Plants

Urban Jungle Styling and Living With Plants book Tiffany Grant-Riley

Monstera Deliciosa striking a pose © Tiffany Grant-Riley

Living and styling with plants Urban Jungle Bloggers book

A bright spot inside Marij + Evert’s home © Line Skukauskė


DIY cacti garden and tonal accessories © Ilaria Fatone

Focusing on 11 varieties of plants, the book mixes tips and advice for plant care and propagation with beautiful images from the homes of Urban Jungle enthusiasts across the globe. There are DIY tutorials for more hands on creative planting (I’ll be sharing one of mine with you next week) and styling inspirations, interleaved with illustrations by Saar Manche. A truly inspired read, this Urban Jungle book will motivate anyone (however black fingered you think you might be) to start growing their own little garden and I can’t wait to continue that journey with mine.

Urban Jungle Book review - Urban Jungle - Living and Styling with Plants

You can order your copy direct from Amazon, currently available in the U.S, UK and Germany, published by Callwey.

11 Comments on Urban Jungle Book | Living + Styling With Plants

  1. I have to get my paws on this book. I have filled my home with plants but they have taken over rather than complemented my home. I need to turn them into friends where they work well within my space. Lovely ideas on there. Thank you.

  2. What a lovely book review, Tiff. Thank you so much – not only for the review but also for contributing with your amazing stylings and DIY to our Urban Jungle book! Here’s to us & Marvin!

  3. This is such a beautiful book and a lovely review. I’ve always been rubbish with plants but the Urban Jungle Bloggers community has inspired me so much over the past few years. I’ve since found some plant varieties that are impossible to kill and that seem to thrive on neglect. Having plants in my home makes me feel so much better and I’m so glad I’ve embarked on this journey.

    • I totally agree Stacey, start small, get to know what you can do and branch out. There’s certain types of fern I still can’t keep alive but everything else is improving!

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