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12 Monochrome Hallway Floor Tiles Edit

Worn, vintage style monochrome hallway floor tiles interspersed with pale black shapes.

With the bedroom complete (for now) we're turning our attention to the hallway next, kicking off the proceedings with my edit of 12 monochrome hallway floor tiles. They're hard wearing, easy to... Read more

6 Things I’ve Learnt About Slow Decorating

moodboarding and paint swatches, 6 things I've learnt about slow decorating.

You know, it’s interesting how many readers and friends imagine us to be all done and dusted with our renovation project. Whatever happened to doing things slowly? Perceptions of the online world... Read more

Slow New Year Intentions In 2019

And just like that we're back and into a new year - Happy 2019 to you, lovely reader. How was your Christmas break - are you feeling rested and ready to crack on? Perhaps you're feeling... Read more

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