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Guts Over Fear / Resolutions & Goals In 2015

Guts Over Fear Resolutions And Goals

Resolutions. Do you bother making them? I can't remember the last time I stuck to any-they're loaded with hidden pressure and that feeling of letting yourself down when you break them just isn't... Read more

Instagram Highlights 2015

Curate & Display Blog Instagram Photo Grid 2015

Today I wanted to share a few personal highlights from my year on Instagram. I know, I know, I'm really behind on all the yearly recap stuff and everyone's bored of it already, but I wanted to... Read more

How To Survive An Identity Crisis And Own It

How To Survive An Identity Crisis

Have you been through an identity crisis? I'm not just talking about the full-on "who am I?!" meltdown, it could just be that you've lost what you thought was your signature style. Or perhaps for... Read more

Style It / Leather Trousers Three Ways

How To Style Leather Trousers For Work

You might be surprised to see a fashion post here today. Yep. I know. 2014 was somewhat thin on the ground when it came to lifestyle here on Curate & Display and 2015 is all about making up for... Read more

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