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Slow Sounds No 2 Summer Playlist

The Slow Sounds series is back with a summer playlist and with it my last post until September. Expect serious grooves, a strong British line-up (shout out to my girls LaSharVu and my daily... Read more

Slow Sounds No 1 Spring Playlist

I know talking about the weather is one thing us Brits know how to do well, so I'm not sorry but please excuse me while I say my GOD that was the LONGEST winter we've had in a long time. Wow.... Read more

6 Things I’ve Learnt About Slow Decorating

moodboarding and paint swatches, 6 things I've learnt about slow decorating.

You know, it’s interesting how many readers and friends imagine us to be all done and dusted with our renovation project. Whatever happened to doing things slowly? Perceptions of the online world... Read more

Thoughts + Tips | Every Day Slow Living


I honestly feel like a complete hypocrite for writing this post as an advocate of Slow Living, when life has been anything but slow of late. I've been so wrapped up in to-do lists, the day to day... Read more

Slow Living Weekend 01

Slow Living Weekend, Isle of Grain

I'm introducing the week with a new series - Slow Living Weekend to share some of the little moments from our weekends together. Even though we see a lot of each other every day when our house is... Read more

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