A Minimal Minute Instagram Hashtag / September Musings

If you follow me on Instagram you might already be familiar with #aminimalminute, a hashtag I started with friend and fellow slow living advocate, Ilaria Fatone. We started this together at the end of last year to pool together moments of slow living and minimalism and to share our own. Quiet moments to pause. It could be a beautifully designed piece of architecture, a thought during your day, a corner of your home. And home has been playing a huge role in our lives over the summer – perhaps that’s why I chose home and moving related images in my selection this month! Thank you everyone for the beautifully composed photos (credits below).

I honestly feel like slinking off to hide inside a dark cupboard on my own right now. With D-Day for the move looming, I’d rather just curl up and come back out when it’s all done. There is just so much to do. And underneath all the elation of finding our family a place of our own again, there’s still the weight of all the work we need to do to leave this house ready for the next tenants. There’s the painting over, the patching up, the cleaning, the digging, the sweeping. And the new house? My goodness, where to start. It is overwhelming. My ability to see the wood from the trees has failed me. Even though we are slowly getting there, making the kids room our first priority (the first few stages of that will be up in the next week or so) there is just so much to think about. But I guess making a home from scratch takes time right? So it’s just baby steps, every day.

Already this house is beginning to echo. I’ve finally started packing up my workspace, taking extra time to enjoy the light in here before I roll up the rug and unscrew the pegboard. And the thought of actually leaving in a few weeks time leaves me with that awful homesick feeling. We don’t really want to leave. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate brown carpet, 70s gas fire and temperamental boiler will not be missed, but so many happy things happened here. I welcomed in my 30s with friends who surprised me from Holland, Reuben started nursery and school from this house, we made forever friends, brought home our newborn daughter, nurtured all the plants here. I even started this blog from this house, worked on a couple of beautiful books, planned shoots, came home happy and weary from travels abroad.

We will miss it all so much.

Images © Top Left: @catesthill Top Right: @septemberedit Bottom Left: @tiphaine._ Bottom Right: @lauren__greene

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