Back in high school I learnt a little about technical drawings and elevations and it fascinated me – from all the intricate details that go into designing architectural elevations down to the complete joy of using the drawing table.

When I first discovered Studio Esinam, a creative design studio based in Stockholm, I was really exciting to see how they’d taken technical elevations of some of the world’s most famous landmarks and brought them into a home environment. Founded in 2013 by art director and architect duo Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah, Studio Esinam looks to explore architecture from a fresh perspective, presenting familiar historical buildings that we have all in some way connected with in a new light, focusing on the structure and components that make them what they are. Beautiful, don’t you think? 


“To us architecture is so much more than visual, it’s the smell of the bakery shop on
the corner, the feeling of a handle when entering a building, the sound of cars or birds
forming the backdrop of a scene. It’s the memories and emotions that a place can
preserve for decades and bring to life in a second, the calming experience of the
places and spaces we already love as well as finding new ones to explore.”


Prints like these really deserve some wall space to breathe and I love how Josefine and Sebastian have chosen to style their detailed line drawings in clean, monochromatic settings. Recently added to the collection are København and the much anticipated London (they’re not fans of The Shard), both of which are limited edition. If you’re inspired by these prints then you really must take a look at their Instagram which shares an insight into their creative process and how they view their surroundings (which just makes me long to explore Sweden!) lots of white, grey scale and negative space. Perfection.


 Photography © Studio Esinam

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