Updating my home office workspace for summer with the Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection

Summer might be having a laugh at us all from behind a cloud of rain (welcome to British summertime) but it hasn’t stopped me making an effort to bring a little into my workspace.

Known for his rich contribution to the world of Danish design and architecture, Arne Jacobsen paved the way for bold, graphic style, particularly in his monochrome typography created in 1937 and now popularised by Danish company Design Letters & Friends. You will no doubt recognise his alphabet collection, but perhaps you’re not so familiar, maybe even surprised to see a softer side to his work. Inspired by wildflower meadows, his sketches and watercolours produced while in exile to Sweden during WWII informed what is the new vintage flowers anemone collection. The soft, freeform black, white and grey floral motif has given my pegboard a new dimension which I’ve worked into a summer inspired moodboard.

Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection Melamine Cups in my updated summer workspace

My brilliant pegboard shelf is currently home to three sunny melamine letter cups spilling with tiny white flowering Bacopa, a sweet little nod towards the floral stationery and voluminous porcelain pot of white Asters on my desk.

Arne Jacobsen Anemone flower pencils in my updated summer workspace

Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection Travel notebook

In a bid to be a little more “offline” this summer, I’m hoping these fresh new notebooks will help keep me focused. I miss scrapbooking the way I did before Pinterest and there’s nothing better than a blank page to fill you with optimism, am I right? This Travel Journal will also be joining me on a design tour to Spain next month-I can’t wait to share more of that with you soon, but in the meantime I’m filling it with Instagram photos from last year’s wanderings.

Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection number pins in my monochrome workspace

Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection calendar and sketchbook in my updated summer workspace

Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection Water Bottle in my Summer Workspace

Arne Jacobsen Design Letters Collection porcelain plant pot

So hello from my summer inspired workspace! What do you think of the new Design Letters collection?

Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Design Letters & Friends.

15 Comments on Arne Jacobsen Flowers | Summer Workspace

  1. My home is full of letters and wors spelt out all of the place from a ‘Wow’ to a ‘Yes’ to a ‘Shine Bright’. These plant pots could add to my collection…now what to spell out….

  2. I love this range, and love how you have incorporated it into your work space (especially ‘H E Y’ ?). The flower range is new to me, but looks gorgeous. I know what you mean about missing analogue noting of things, I’ve just got some notebooks out myself in a bid to get away from the computer (and here I am!). Lovely post x

  3. Beautiful styling as always Tiff, I love the pegboard, so good for pinning up inspiration and creating a clean organised space. I think I need to try being a bit more offline this summer too! xx

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