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With my recent home project complete and a few weeks of not thinking about decorating behind me (are you kidding? It’s all I thought about!) I’ve been turning my focus to ‘The Black Wall’. On most occasions as I’ve sat down on our sofa and faced the wall the TV is mounted on, I’ve pretty much in one way or another wanted to take a sledge hammer to it. I can’t stand looking at the television in all its blaring 32″ glory, or the notion that most households must by default angle all their living room furniture at it – there’s no hiding it for us. I stuck a RIBBA picture shelf above it when we first put it up and found a beautiful mid-century sideboard to anchor it with to try and lessen the impact but nope, I still hate it. So I decided to be bold and thought about ways in which I could better integrate the TV so that it looked more intentional. Paint it black, I thought! Hold on a second – don’t freak out.

Here’s why it’ll work without it looking like a 90s feature wall…

✚ Our living space is full of natural light with white walls so the one I’m painting in black won’t upset the balance. As ours is next to a huge window it’ll add its own dimension to the room.

✚ The sideboard under the TV has a warm teak stain which will stand out against the black.

✚ It’s the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall.

✚ The black furniture and accessories we already have in the room will pick up against it perfectly.

✚ A black wall with a black television means I won’t notice it quite so much any more. I win.

Now I’m seriously lusting after black walls and so this week I set to sourcing tester pots to help decide. The current runners are Little Greene and Farrow & Ball with newcomers Valspar for comparison. If you check out my Instagram you’ll be able to see little snippets before I share the before & after.

So what do you think? Tempted to take a walk over to the dark side or too nervous? Don’t be! You might find my Black Walls Pinterest board a useful starting point…

Image: Hans Blomquist

5 Comments on Black Wall Tunnel Vision

    • Hi Alina, black walls don’t have to be limited to light rooms-there are plenty of examples of it being used to create a more intense, moody atmosphere. Abigail Ahern is a big fan of doing that-check out some of her work. x

  1. Hi Giulia, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m a little nervous of the paint…mostly because my husband “doesn’t want a black wall” so I have to make it work! That said, I think with the right art work as part of it, it’ll look more cohesive, you know? x

  2. Love this idea, can’t wait to see Tiff, they are such horrors to fit in to a room x

    1st step ease in with a black wall -second step get out the sledgehammer OR sell the TV – so amped we don’t have one here! Although I do on occasion miss watching a movie full size 🙂 A new desk top computer should fix that tho and still not in the lounge.

    or maybe if one has space – a den for the kids to watch by day and adults by night and that still keeps the living room pure 😉

    • Believe me Jeska, if I could be rid of it, I would. We barely watch the TV on our own-we use catch-up on our laptops mostly, but the kids still like to have it to watch films etc. Wish I had room for a snug though! x

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