It’s been full steam ahead with our plans to get the living space whipped into shape, and we have two sleek, gorgeous dining chairs to tie in with the ‘Modern Botanicals’ look we’re working towards. After eight years of enduring clawing, scratching (any cat owners will know what I’m talking about), being stood on and turned into dens in the later years, we got to say goodbye to the high-backed rattans which served us so well. They had a good innings, but having to look at them every day covered in Playdoh and falling apart, I couldn’t bear to look at them anymore.

IKEA Sigurd Chair

So here are my new babies. These are the Sigurd chairs from Ikea and boy are they comfortable. Hello back support! We set out looking for a style with arm rests but realised when we got to the store that they most likely wouldn’t tuck under the table-no good when you need the space. Instead, we found these in white but eventually plumped for the black. I’m not going to show them with the table until the revamp is complete, so in the meantime I threw something together to give you an idea. What do you think?

A Beautiful Mess Dining Space

A clean, white set / Photography © Sarah Rhodes, A Beautiful Mess

Now we’re trying to decide whether to get another 2 to 4 in the same style, or buy a couple of vintage models and paint them (I liked the idea of having the odd one in Hemlock green) so we have a more mismatched aesthetic. I can’t decide just yet. Whilst I think having the uniformity of matching chairs holds better with time, I do love the relaxed feel of a mis-matched set.

Host Restaurant Copenhagen designed by Norm Architects. Photography © Jonas Bjerre-Poulson

Or do we buy a couple of old chairs and paint them all up black, so we’re not too matchy-matchy but at least staying in keeping with the colour? How about the same chair in white? So many options…

Home of Hellen van Berkel via Bloesem Living

Home of Hellen van Berkel via Bloesem Living | Photography © Marjon Hoogervorst

What are your thoughts? Do you have a mis-matched set that you love? Or perhaps you prefer a little more order?

3 Comments on Dining Chairs / Matching VS. Mismatched

  1. I love the idea of mismatched but in a different way. I think it would be beautiful if you used 4 Sigurd chairs on the sides but for the ends use something more formal like an upholstered arm chair with a really great fabric. That way you get the best of both worlds ordered mis-match…

    • Maggie, you’re so right! Now we’ve had a little time to sleep on it, I think we’re going to get a couple more of the Sigurd chairs and choose something different to go at each end. Not sure something upholstered will work at this stage in our lives with two messy little sausages but I’m loving the idea of white, maybe a Hans J Wegner style?

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