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Can you believe it? We’re just one week away now from our first Function+Form gathering at Forge & Co and I’m introducing the first of our two speakers who will be sharing their journey and design process with us. Supporting independent makers has slowly become a part of my work as a stylist and an important aspect of this blog, so in launching Function+Form, along with Annie we’re bringing that side of our lives into a tangible being and can’t wait to provide a platform for designers that we love.

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Meet Sarah Quinn, one half of Enrich & Endure, a brother-sister team and designer/makers of linen aprons. Now, you know how much I love a family story, particularly when it’s at the heart of handcrafted design. Based in Northern Ireland, an area rich in heritage for its linen production, Sarah and Lorcan are supporting and reviving the local industry through their beautifully made aprons, producing workwear, or “The Maker’s Uniform” for many types of trades and the hospitality industry. Their ethos is simple with the combination of high quality materials, local craftsmanship and longevity using 100% Irish linen which softens and endures with time.

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I’ve had the pleasure of spending a little time wearing one around the house and I had a hard time taking it off-it looks so strong with a crisp white shirt…Of course, they’re made to be used and each design is tailored in collaboration with a cafe or craftsman in mind based on their individual needs. Some are more pocket heavy than others with each beautifully stitched in contrasting colours, solid and sturdy, finished with an embroidered Linnet bird.

Enrich and Endure Linen Aprons

Enrich and Endure Linen Apron Linnet Bird

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We’re both ridiculously happy that Sarah could join us at our gathering next week and can’t wait to delve deeper into her family story, their design journey and see how much our guests warm to them as much as we have…

Photography © Enrich & Endure.

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