Frosted glass Nebl planters on pedestals designed by Nordic design brand Gejst.

A haze of opaque, misty Nebl planters, designed by Michael Rem.

I thought I’d end the week with a few new design updates from Gejst. The word ‘gejst’ is Danish for excitement and enthusiasm which is how the Nordic design brand of the same name describes their creative approach. Their multi-functional products inspire the desire to get organised in all of us and the new catalogue is brimming with small space, clever storage solutions.

Founded in the Danish town of Odense in 2013, the Gejst collection takes classic elements of Nordic design traditions and reworks them into playful, functional pieces. Designer Michael Rem describes his experience of that process, termed as creating ‘the new simple’,

“Being a designer means absorbing all of the daily influences that life offers endlessly, and consciously experiencing it. All the sounds, colours, forms and events are mixed together in the subconscious with your personality and emotions, so that all of this can be combined to form something new…

The Flex Rail

If there’s one thing the Scandinavians know how to design, it’s the shelf. Am I right? There’s really nothing new in furniture left to be designed, but there are always new ways to approach them. The magnetic Flex rail is all kinds of brilliant, with interchangeable accessories to customise the way you choose to use it. There are infinite possibilities that fit seamlessly with most home situations, be it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or workspace. It even comes with a nifty holder for coffee filters. Now that’s attention to detail.

A home office with red walls and a black desk feature the Flex rail by Nordic design brand Gejst.

The Flex rail at home in the workspace, perfect for storing office essentials.

Black Flex rail wall mounted in a blue kitchen with coffee making utensils, designed by Nordic design brand Gejst.

A coffee corner for small kitchens. The Flex rail in black looks sophisticated against blue walls.

A clutter-free and organised bathroom shelf, the Flex rail by Nordic design brand Gejst.

Bathroom essentials – the Flex rail in oak with white magnetic storage solutions.

A clutter-free and organised bathroom shelf, the Flex rail by Nordic design brand Gejst.

Nivo Shelf

Designed by Berlin design studio Böttcher & Kayer, the elegant Nivo shelf is so light in frame, it almost isn’t there. With its bright white shelves (it also comes in black), the Nivo has no visible screws and allows the walls behind to breathe space.

Minimalist white and oak shelves in a grey living room by Nordic design brand Gejst

Unassumingly elegant, the Nivo shelf is the epitome of minimalist design.

Nivo oak and white shelves styled in monochrome nude and wood tones, by Nordic design brand Gejst

Nebl Planter

Frosted glass Nebl planters on pedestals designed by Nordic design brand Gejst.

Nebl – The opaque glass dome gives the effect of looking into a steamy glasshouse.

Inspired by dewdrop tipped grass and the silence of fog covered streets, the Nebl planter diffuses the form of each plant like an abstract painting. Consisting of two parts with a ceramic base and frosted matt glass top, Michael Rem’s design makes it hard not to be fascinated by this new way of displaying houseplants.

Accessories for Play

black metal candle holder styled on a cosy bedside table, designed by Nordic design brand Gejst

Black Lysverk candle holder on top of the Trick table.

The collection also supports additional accessories with a touch of playfulness. A favourite is the Galet board which comes with three ceramic bowls. Designed to sit flush with the edge of the board to compartmentalise your chopping (so very satisfying) or stack inside one another, they can also be used as storage in other capacities.

Happy to have scratched your organisational itch. For details of the collection, including the Sceene shelving unit head to Gejst where you can purchase direct.

A chopping board and ceramic plate flatlay, designed by Nordic design brand Gejst

Chop-chop. Galet cutting board and ceramic bowls, a Böttcher & Kayser design.

London underground inspired coat rack in the hallway, by Nordic design brand Gejst

Underground black coat rack and Flex rail.

Breakfast in bed with a wooden tray in a cosy blue bedroom, by Nordic design brand Gejst

Blending oak and lacquered metal, the Kollekt tray.

Photography courtesy of Gejst. 

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