Guts Over Fear Resolutions And Goals

Resolutions. Do you bother making them? I can’t remember the last time I stuck to any-they’re loaded with hidden pressure and that feeling of letting yourself down when you break them just isn’t worth that massive tub of ice cream you eat to make yourself feel better. I’m not talking from personal experience…of course… so I prefer to keep a word or phrase in mind for the year. My buzz word in 2014 was ‘grow’ and it turned out to be a year of learning and progression, just small scale things but they made a huge difference. By nature I’m not a fan of the baby step approach-I prefer to run before I can walk and I’m not the most patient of people, but the past year has taught me to slow down and appreciate taking small steps to achieve the bigger picture. Just what exactly that is as yet is still unclear, but I’m happy to relinquish some of the control and see where things take me.

I started writing Curate & Display in February-my 3rd blog since I started in 2007 and in the ten months I’ve been writing its brought about some incredible opportunities, new friendships, new clients and given me confidence to get back into working as a stylist again now that my children are that little bit less dependent on me. The house is slowly coming together bit by bit and even though it’s not ours, it feels very much like home and I relish the challenge of giving the remaining rooms a refresh.

So what’s my phrase for 2015? Guts over fear. It’s punchy, to the point and it means business. It’s ridiculous when you consider all the opportunities you let pass by listening to those quiet whispers telling you not to-don’t you agreed? I’ve let the doubt take over on more than one occasion, whether it’s the quality of my work, stepping outside of my comfort zone with my wardrobe or deciding whether or not to approach someone I admire to collaborate with. Not any more. This year is about having the confidence to make things happen. Stand up and be counted. I just hope I can still look you in the eye and say I stuck with it at the end of the year!

Pep talk over! I’d love to hear your thoughts on resolutions. Do you have plans for the coming year or are you rolling with it?

Photography & styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley

3 Comments on Guts Over Fear / Resolutions & Goals In 2015

  1. Loved reading this post Tiffany – going to take some inspiration from it myself, to help push me out my comfort zone when I feel myself getting a little too comfy cosy!
    So much love, light and energy from me to you for a fulfilling 2015,
    A xXx

    • Thanks Bel, I think I’ve learnt after years of holding myself back (not always I might add) that you really are the master of your own destiny and that we need to create and put ourselves into situations to give ourselves a better chance of achieving what we want. Deep breaths and jump in! xx

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