Hello stranger! How are things? I’ve just about recovered from two days of intense styling last week for a ‘Back To College’ look book- hence why I’ve been a little absent. I’ll be able to share more in a week or two, so in the meantime, whilst we’re in the depth of summer, let’s talk Autumn/Winter decor and Habitat’s latest collections. Don’t be too shocked-most brands have been ready for Christmas for months!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Habitat. When there was still a store at Bluewater Shopping Centre, a moderate portion of my student loan was may have been spent there. I loved to spend a good hour daydreaming, choosing the dinner set to go in my imaginary house that wasn’t full of crusty students. At most, I bought mugs and fairy lights. So I was really rather chuffed to be invited to their A/W preview last week, hosted in a huge industrial space in the OXO Tower. Chuffed, except for the fact that I’d been booked on that last minute shoot, so was I going? No. However, the team at Habitat have very kindly sent over the preview shots for me to share with you.


Imagine, if you will (and bear with me, because it’s warm and light right now!) cosy copper tones, walnut, geometric shapes, playful colour and Scandi style.


A new Habitat classic-the Lumen collection in matt ash.

In store from September, the Habitat design studio have created a beautifully considered collection; there’s furniture full of subtle details, stylish statement lighting and homages to Mid-Century design.


Pages from their look-book are like contemporary takes on Megan and Don Draper’s New York apartment (for the Mad Men fans out there). There are no frills or fuss here, nothing is done for the sake of it. Each piece does the talking for itself and each one is a potential classic.


Cortez rug and Lansbury ash tripod floor lamp

A key colour that repeats throughout the collection is green in varying shades and materials. That rug! I absolutely love this look with the use of bold, block colour in the accessories against a neutral backdrop. And I think you know by now that green is my go to colour, although not so much with interiors. Perhaps it’s time for a change?


Talia grey dining chairs

I was also really pleased to see a set of brand new, retro inspired dining furniture available. I was gearing up to hunt down a couple of vintage chairs to join our dining set and jump head over heels into another DIY, but perhaps these might work instead?


My final favourite was this muted pink Seersucker Pigeon bed linen. Be still my beating heart. Oh to curl up beneath the soft folds of this beautiful bedding…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what Habitat have in store this Autumn/Winter-is it what you expected? I was pleasantly surprised to see the use of so many bright colours as winter collections can be somewhat dark and moody. Good on you Habitat, can’t wait to shop the collection!

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