Stopping by as I quickly master the art of micro-packing 48 hours worth of potential outfits (with space for shopping) before I head off to Munich on Thursday for a whirlwind trip. Yes! I can finally talk about it now because we’re on the home stretch. I’m practically losing my s**t as I’m one of a group of 15 international interior style bloggers who have been working on a collaborative book, ‘Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben’ (living ideas from real life), being published by Callwey on September 12th. Remember back in April when I was frantically working on a “project”? Well, this was that. If I ever needed a reason to get the house sorted and decorated, this was it. Queue lots of painting, drilling, styling and shooting…honestly, I think working on a editorial for a week straight would’ve been a breeze in comparison! I’m really not complaining though, as this has been on my wishlist for a very long time. Almost two years ago I spent six months writing a book pitch which, although I finished it, never really saw the light of day because I felt it wasn’t the right time, so being part of this beautiful book has made me realise that perhaps now I can start looking at it again.

Anyway, we’re all flying out to Munich to meet each other, Callwey publishing house and experience Munich before it all culminates in an award ceremony to crown ‘Best Interiors Blogger’. The judges on the panel are my good friend Igor Josif of Happy Interior Blog, trend expert Gudy Herder (she teaches the most incredible looking moodboarding workshops that I’d love to find time to do) and Ricarda of 23sqm Style. The line-up is pretty epic, including British lovelies Lobster and Swan, Swoonworthy and Patchwork Harmony as well as many others I admire from across Europe. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram and watch it unfold.

So, the out-of-office is set and I’m back after the weekend. See you in a hot minute, Munich…

Photography & Styling © Tiffany Grant-Riley.

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