Slow Living Weekend Isle of Grain

I’m introducing the week with a new series – Slow Living Weekend to share some of the little moments from our weekends together. Even though we see a lot of each other every day when our house is both home and office, the weekends are extra special and we try and plan something so we can switch off and appreciate where we are. So here’s the first.

We drove out to the Isle of Grain on Sunday, us, the kids and my brother who was visiting. We walked along the sea wall, hunted for treasures on the shell beach and borrowed other peoples dogs for a minute or two as they stopped to bark and sniff us on their way past. This is about as far away from it all as you can get. Perfect clarity.

Slow Living Weekend, Isle of Grain

I’d like more moments like these this year, where my mind isn’t always racing and thinking about what I’ve got to do next. I was talking about January with a friend of mine recently and how, even with the best of intentions, somehow it’s really hard to get started after the buzz and excitement of the New Year celebrations. Logically for most of us it’s when we turn our attentions to making new plans and, maybe through a prosecco fuelled haze it can seem like the year ahead is going to be one wonderful roller coaster. But, she said, what if we actually just used this month to quietly recover, hibernate, reflect and use it as an interlude to work out what it is that we need from ourselves, to be kinder to ourselves instead of beating ourselves up with resolutions. And I loved that.

So this is my January. No pressure. No expectation. I don’t have to be doing everything all at once, just one thing at a time with all my focus. Sounds a much better approach, don’t you think?

Slow Living Weekend, Isle of Grain

Photos taken on my iphone. 

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  1. This is so beautiful! Weekends are ever so sacred for me as I try to totally switch off (well try) and always love exploring new places! Beautiful pics hun xxxx

    • I think we forget that we don’t have to be switched on all the time. Remember what life was life before mobile phones?? I wonder why it’s so hard to put them down…x

  2. I love this post! And I totally agree – I think I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself lately that it’s JANUARY and I have to be DOING STUFF RIGHT NOW and the truth is, we have the whole year to get our priorities in order, there’s no weird deadline in place so there’s no point in getting stressed. And it’s so true I am my most creative and effective when I am actually relaxed! Lovely photos too – feel calm just looking at them! xxx

    • Isn’t it funny how we use January as this crazy red light moment of MUST BE BUSY AND DOING ALL THE TIME when really, it’s just after the Christmas period and no one is ready for anything at this time of year. Just look at how much we had going on last summer/autumn instead! x

  3. Just perfect! And yes to sharing your slow weekends, as just looking at your photographs have made me feel calm 🙂 I have to get out on the moors or in the wilds at the weekends, else I go a bit stir crazy. Looking forward to more of yours …

    • Oh you’re near the moors? How wonderful, I have many happy holiday memories being on the Yorkshire moors from childhood-a great place to blow to cobwebs away 🙂 x

  4. Love this post, totally agree with you and seriously impressed with the pics you took on your iphone ! xx We have enforced quiet times ahead this January and probably February too due to my husband’s impending surgery so going to take a leaf out of your book xx

    • Thanks Karen! I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery and that you both look after yourselves. There’s no shame in slowing down for a while. xx

  5. I’m totally with you on that approach and loving this new series! There’s often pressure to achieve things and do things in January with resolutions and getting back into routines but it’s just as important, if not more, to look after ourselves x

  6. It looks so peaceful there, you are right you need time to be away from things. I have a Hearing Dog puppy who I train and I get out in the morning after the school run and it clears my mind. I feel ready to work. I also think its best not to try and tackle lots of changes at once, I have done this in the past and I quickly fail!

    • Hi Stephanie, yes I saw that you’ve been training a Hearing Dog puppy-what a wonderful experience. I think it’s important to have something to clear your mind with, it’s so easy to be swept along with the day to day stuff, isn’t it? x

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