How sexy is plywood right now? That’s a sentence I never, ever thought I’d utter and yet, there it is. Suddenly I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to use it as my new desk once my workspace is ready and I’m thinking about creating a funky desk out of it for Reuben’s room too. My father-in-law, a former builder and master craftsman would think me utterly crazy, but there’s just something about it. It’s raw, unapologetic. It can only be what it is. But I don’t mean chucked on the floor to aid the path of a filthy wheelbarrow or nailed over a broken window, I mean used intentionally as part of the make-up of a home. In the kitchen as minimal units, a wall of storage, or flooring even.

wonen: mini studio foto: Lisa Van Damme

Architect Katrien Van Doren, photography © Lisa Van Damme

These beautiful kitchens are the perfect example of how brilliant plywood as a material can be when left to shine, especially paired with white. It’s uncomplicated and contemporary in feel and I love that you can see the grain of the wood without having to treat it. Whilst it’s not a material for every home, I think it’s versatility makes it ideal for a blank canvas space-be it an industrial apartment or a small two up to two down Victorian terrace.


Photography © Sean Fennessy via The Design Files

Ok, so I’m starting to bring you round to my way of thinking, but you’re still not sure? Try it in your workspace as a backdrop for your moodboards…

via Scandinavian Deko / Photo © Mirva Kakko

via Scandinavian Deko / Photo © Mirva Kakko

So tell me-am I crazy? Is it not really your bag or are you absolutely on board with plywood? Tell me your thoughts!

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