Sprinkles Birthday Cake

Wow. Is it really almost December now? You know, I’ve had these photos to share with you since the end of September, but I guess life gets in the way sometimes!

Birthday balloons

I don’t often share much of my home life here, I tend to use Instagram for that on the odd occasion, but I’d had it in mind to share a few photos from my children’s birthdays. Although there’s almost three years between them, there’s only one week separating their celebrations and this year I had my first taste of what it was going to be like for the next…however many years. Let’s say it’s going be interesting!

Number one balloon

We decided on the no fuss approach this year, so I kept decor to a minimum with small balloons to kick around on the floor. I also made simple tissue paper tassel garlands and attached them to giant number balloons. Yes, they both had to have one, or else there’d be trouble!

Sprinkles Cake Gold Birthday Candle

This is Miss Twitchit’s first birthday cake, I loved baking the coloured layers, although I think I got more enjoyment out of it than they did! Found a couple of those sprinkles in my ear a few days later too…

birthday candles

Coloured layer sprinkles cake

Giant Gold Number Four Balloon

Dolly mixture cake

As requested-a Dolly Mixture cake with chocolate sponge for my grown up boy. Look at him with his crazy hair. I mixed sprinkles into the icing for a little crunch and he absolutely loved it. We all did.

Goodness knows what I’ll have to pull out of the bag next year. Joint parties will be the ultimate no-no until they’re in their late teens, I’m sure. Honestly, what were we thinking?! 😉

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