The other day I was having one of those “if you won the lottery” conversations with my husband, Rob. Yep. We have those from time to time, along with the “if my face looked like this when we met, would you have gone out with me?” (the answer is always no) and he asked what the first thing would be that I really wanted and had to buy straight away-a post win splurge. Initially I said nothing-because there’s isn’t really anything I absolutely have to have right now, bar the Tuscan farmhouse of course. Then I found The Family Love Tree‘s jaw-dropping, head-turning, make you trip up the curb rattan furniture and changed my mind. Yes. That’s what I’d buy straight away. Give me everything.


Just take a moment to pour over these gorgeous peacock bed heads and chairs, kantha quilts and bold, graphic cushions. Everything a beautiful, clashing palette of harmonious colour. It shouldn’t work, but it totally does. No home should be absolutely perfect, it should be a little rough around the edges, lived in. That’s what I love about this company, it’s a celebration of colour and life and doesn’t need to take itself too seriously to be stylish.


If like me you’re old enough to remember these chairs, or indeed had one, you might be wishing you’d held onto it now. Australian stylist Katie Graham, founder of The Family Love Tree and all round interior genius has taken these retro classics and given them a fresh and contemporary, bohemian edge. It’s almost as if she knows my style better than I do! She’s a rule breaker-she loves to mix clashing colour, print and texture. I like a rebel.


An Australian company (although they ship internationally) The Family Love tree ethically produce the rattan for their furniture in Indonesia where it’s grown, harvested and produced by skilled villagers. The collection also includes macrame plants hangers, tables, screens, rugs and lighting-I think I could find the space to fit everything in if I had to.



These beautiful shots taken by photographer Derek Swalwell and stunning backdrop below hand painted by visual artist Jacqui Stockdale make me want to add more colour into our blank canvas of a home. There’s limits to what we can achieve here, but I’ve been holding off the colour for some reason-and that’s not me. Maybe I’ll listen to Katie’s advice instead and just go for it!


By the way, don’t you think that bed looks like Jimi Hendrix just got up from it in his dressing gown to grab his guitar? Sigh…

Get onboard and fall in love with The Family Love Tree here or if you’re lucky enough to live in Richmond, Victoria, then you can actually shop in person. Jealous.




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  1. Hi Tiffany
    I have been lusting after all this gorgeous furniture recently after discovering The Family Love Tree – why do they have to be on the other side of the world!! xx

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